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Ways to Consume Flower


A cannabis pipe is a small, handheld device designed for smoking flower. They are sometimes called “pieces” or “bowls” and come in various materials and shapes. All pipes contain a small, screened hollow called a bowl that holds the flower. The bowl is ignited with a heat source – most commonly a lighter – and the smoke is drawn through the stem and inhaled.

Water pipes

Water pipes, also known as ‘bongs” or “bubblers,” are pipes that contain a chamber that holds water. When the user lights the bowl and inhales, the smoke first travels through the water, where it is filtered and cooled. This provides for a smoother hit that some smokers find more pleasant than a regular pipe.


Pre-rolls are joints that have already been rolled and are ready to smoke right off the shelf. Some people love smoking joints — but would rather leave the rolling to someone else. Pre-rolls let you have the pleasure of smoking a joint with the convenience of not having to do the work. Pre-rolls are great for sharing.

Dry herb vaporizers

Dry herb vaporizers are smoking devices that heat dry cannabis flower to the point that it creates a vapor, but not so hot that it causes the cannabis to combust into smoke. The process allows compounds like cannabinoids and terpenes to be released into a vapor for a clean and flavorful experience. They come in many different shapes and sizes and are popular with those who prefer a less harmful alternative to smoking.

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