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New Additions to the Pax Lineup

Back New Additions to the Pax Lineup   From newbies to enthusiasts, most folks in the cannabis scene know PAX from its line of dry herb vaporizers. But recently, PAX has become a true cannabis brand with the release of its own cannabis oil extract pods for the PAX Era device.   New High Purity… Continue reading New Additions to the Pax Lineup

What Are Concentrates?

Back What Are Cannabis Concentrates? There are many benefits to using concentrates, but their biggest draw is potency. Concentrates deliver refined, clean doses of cannabis, with extremely high levels of THC. While cannabis flower usually has a potency of 15-20% THC, concentrates can contain anywhere between 50-90%+ THC. Due to the high potency of cannabis… Continue reading What Are Concentrates?

Types of Concentrates

Organic Cannabis Wax from above

Back Types of Cannabis Concentrates Concentrates take many different forms and can be confusing to the new concentrate user. Wax Wax concentrates have a texture similar to candle wax. Depending on it’s consistency, a wax can also be called budder, sugar or crumble. They all tend to have a thick, sticky, or fragmented texture that… Continue reading Types of Concentrates

How Do You Use Concentrates?

Back How Do You Use Concentrates? Dab Rigs Dab rigs are pipes used to vaporize cannabis concentrates. They are similar to bongs because they allow the vapor to filter through water at the base before it is inhaled. But the difference between a dab rig and a bong is that a dab rig is optimized… Continue reading How Do You Use Concentrates?