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Organic Cannabis Wax

Types of Cannabis Concentrates

Concentrates take many different forms and can be confusing to the new concentrate user.


Wax concentrates have a texture similar to candle wax. Depending on it’s consistency, a wax can also be called budder, sugar or crumble. They all tend to have a thick, sticky, or fragmented texture that falls apart when handled. They can be dabbed or sprinkled onto a bowl or added to a joint to enhance the effects. This versatility, along with a potency between 60-90%, makes these concentrates a favorite among cannabis consumers.



Shatter is a concentrate with a hard consistency and translucent appearance similar to glass. It is named after its brittle texture that tends to snap apart when handled. Shatter is usually dabbed and has a luminous yellow or orange color that makes it one of the most photogenic and fun-to-use concentrates.

Distillate Oil

Low viscosity cannabis oils are extracts with an oily consistency that are much more fluid than other concentrates. They come in various potencies, with some designed to be vaporized and others best for ingesting or used as sublingual drops. One of the most popular ways to use these oils is with vape cartridges that can be puffed on with a vape pen. They are easily portable and come in a range of THC and CBD ratios, making them a great choice for beginners who prefer lower amounts of THC.

Diamonds and Sauce

Diamonds and sauce are a rare and expensive treat that consists of a crystalline form of THCa mixed with liquid terpenes. These super-concentrated diamonds are the strongest form of concentrates available, with a potency that often exceeds 97%. The saucy mixture delivers an unbeatable level of terpene flavor to go along with the intense power of THCa crystals. Diamonds and sauce are usually dabbed, and are a delicacy that is best used by veteran cannabis enthusiasts who are looking for the most powerful experience on the market.

Live Resin

Live resin is a relatively new type of cannabis concentrate. It’s different from most other concentrates in that it is created using fresh cannabis that is frozen immediately after being harvested. Since the plant isn’t dried, cured or trimmed it retains the full terpene profile, original flavor and aroma of the plant. A solvent such as butane or CO2 is used to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes from the frozen plants.


Rosin is made without any chemicals or solvents. Rather air, heat, water and ice are used to naturally extract the cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plants. Since no chemicals are used, rosin most closely represents the full plant flavor and effects. Because this is a precise and delicate extraction process, rosin tends to have a higher price point and is enjoyed by cannabis connoisseurs.


Hash, short for “hashish,” is the oldest form of concentrated cannabis. It is created by collecting trichomes of the cannabis flower, which contain many of the plant’s beneficial compounds. These resin glands are pressed or rubbed together to form bricks or rolled pieces with a THC content up to 40-60%. Hash can be smoked as-is or added to a bowl or joint to enhance the potency and effects.


Sometimes called “cannabis caviar,” moonrocks are the most potent way to smoke flower. They consist of buds that have been dipped in cannabis extracts and rolled in kief. With about 50% THC, smoking moonrocks provides a delightful, terpene-rich flavor and is excellent for connoisseurs looking to elevate their bud smoking experience.

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