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A New Innovation In Edibles - Wana Spectrum Live Rosin Gummies

You may have already heard of
Wana Spectrum Live Rosin Gummies. You might know that they come in delicious frosty flavors that complement their naturally occurring terpene profiles, that they work in just 5-15 minutes, or that they deliver “a multi-dimensional high unlike any other edibles experience.” 

You may also be asking yourself: how is that possible? What is live rosin, and why does it make these gummies so different from Wana’s classic gummies? Well, don’t worry. We’re about to tell you everything you need to know about this delicious new development in cannabis science. 

The Deal with Distillate 

Unless you’re a real cannabis connoisseur, most of the edibles you’ve consumed – including Wana’s – were probably made from THC distillate. That means the THC has been isolated and literally distilled from the cannabis plant, stripping it of all the terpenes and other beneficial compounds found in nature. 

This may not sound great given that terpenes (the chemical compounds that give all plants their unique taste, smell and effects) are crucial in shaping your cannabis experience. But the good news is, terpenes can be reintroduced after the THC is distilled. Wana Gummies are enhanced with more than 30 terpenes in various combinations, so customers can choose between relaxing, uplifting, or balanced effects. And distillate gummies have other advantages, like delivering consistent effects every time you take one. 

Still, there’s no denying that distillate edibles are a step removed from the ultimate, slightly unpredictable adventure of consuming cannabis in its natural state. That’s where live rosin comes in. 
What Is Live Rosin? 

THC distillate is made from cannabis that’s been cut, cured, and dried. With all due respect to this tried-and-true method, it can degrade the chemistry of the plant, breaking down terpenes and cannabinoids and dulling their effects. 

Live rosin, on the other hand, is made by flash-freezing fresh-cut cannabis. This preserves all the active compounds found in the living plant. Remember that urban legend that claims Walt Disney is in some cryogenic freezer somewhere, waiting to thaw out and leave his mark on a whole new generation? It works kind of like that… except real… and not as creepy. 

Once the plants have been frozen, Wana’s partners at Mighty Melts (suppliers of some of the most premium live rosin in Colorado) plunge them into an ice water bath and shake loose all their trichomes (tiny appendages where cannabinoids and terpenes are found). They then strain out the trichomes, place them between two heated plates, and press. 

The result is live rosin, a glorious goo that delivers a psychoactive experience rich with all the nuance and dimension found in nature. It can be inhaled via dab rigs or vape cartridges… or, more recently, ingested via delicious Wana gummies. 


Live Rosin v. Live Resin 
“Live resin” is an increasingly buzzy term in the cannabis industry – and arguably better-known than “live rosin.” And it’s made in a similar way: by flash-freezing fresh cannabis plants to preserve all those active compounds. 

The difference comes in when the trichomes are collected and pressed. With live resin, the extraction is done using chemical solvents like butane. 

By contrast (and as outlined above), Wana’s solventless live rosin is made using only ice water, heat and pressure. It’s an artisanal, all-natural process that leaves you with the most premium product science can create. 


Taste the Terpenes 

Part of the magic of live rosin is that it brings you closer to the plants’ terpenes – which are, as a reminder, the chemical compounds that give different pot strains their unique taste, smell, and effects. 

So, Wana developed each new Spectrum flavor to complement the natural terpene profiles found in their plant cultivars. Watermelon Slushy pairs with pine-tinged, earthy terpenes. Citrus Sorbet goes with terps that have a bright, sharp undertone. Tropical Smoothie is fruity and floral. And, for the old souls out there, Berry Gelato leans into the funky, skunky, diesel-like notes found in many iconic cannabis strains. 

Because Wana has selected terpenes according to their flavor, the cultivars they use may vary over time (after all, there’s more than one citrusy strain of cannabis in the world). That’s part of the adventure. But you can always find out which class and strains your gummies were made from by referencing the regulatory label on your package… or by scanning a QR code that will unlock a fun bonus augmented reality experience. 

An All-New Edibles Experience 

You may be saying to yourself, “Wana’s regular distillate gummies are pretty darn good. Why go to all this trouble for a live rosin alternative?” 

Well, because Wana likes to offer their consumers every conceivable cannabis experience. And these 100% solventless live rosin edibles deliver a high with more depth and dimension than any distillate product on the market. It’s hard to describe unless you’ve actually experienced it. But by bringing you all the living compounds found in nature, Wana Spectrum Gummies allow you to feel the full… well… spectrum of what the plant has to offer. 


And if you just can’t wait to experience Wana Spectrum for yourself, we’ve got good news. Powered by the same nano-technology found in fast-acting Wana Quick gummies, Wana Spectrum Gummies work in just 5-15 minutes with a 2-4 hour duration. They’re also the first-ever live rosin edible to deliver a Delta-9 “head high” that feels similar to smoking! 

So now that you know all about the wonders of live rosin… what are you waiting for? It’s time to explore the full potential of the plant. 

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