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Cannabis leaf tricomes.

Marijuana Strain Genetics: The Basics

The marijuana buds you buy today are typically labeled as “Indica,” “Sativa” or “Hybrid,” however that is a misnomer. Back in the day, the original landrace strains could be categorized as a true indica or sativa because they weren’t cross-bred with other varieties as much as they are today. So when you see flower labeled with a particular dominance, e.g. indica, you should take that label with a grain of salt. With the modern cultivation techniques in use today it’s more accurate to think of all flower strains as hybrids that can be indica or sativa leaning.


Provides a deep body relaxation and physical calm, making it a viable option to pharmaceutical grade sedatives. Effects are also described as heavy, full-bodied, delivering a “couchlocked” and “stoney” experience.


Delivers a range of cerebral effects including a soaring euphoria and/or enhanced mental clarity and focus. Effects are also described as cerebral, uplifting and energizing.


Hybrids offer the best of both worlds by striking a balance between the two genetic types, delivering a balanced high that may include euphoria, creativity, giddiness, and relaxation. Almost all cannabis strains grown today are hybrids, or combinations that lean more toward sativa or indica. Selective cross-breeding of strains by cannabis growers is done to get desired traits such as aroma and effects.

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