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Revolutionary Gummies: Redefining Edibles

Back Revolutionary Gummies: Redefining Edibles If you’re an edibles-loving Coloradan, you’re probably familiar with Wana Gummies The Boulder-based company has spent the last 11+ years developing a delicious and consistent recipe that virtually any adult can enjoy; vegan, gluten-free, organically sweetened, enhanced with 30+ terpenes, and totally melt-proof.There’s a lot to be said for doing… Continue reading Revolutionary Gummies: Redefining Edibles

Danksgiving Recipes

Back Danksgiving Recipes Cannabis and Thanksgiving have always gone hand in hand. This year our friends at Ripple bring them both together with some great infused holiday recipes. Chillin’ Cheese Ball Chillin’ Cheese Ball Vegetarian Gluten-FreeGet that holiday spirit off to a great start by serving an app with benefits. Serves 10For 1.5mg THC/1.5mg CBD… Continue reading Danksgiving Recipes

Q&A with a Cannabis Grower

Back Q&A with a Cannabis Grower Chad Culp is the owner of Bloom County, a wholesale cannabis producer in Colorado. Bloom operates four grow facilities throughout the state (three in Denver metro and one in Pueblo) and supplies more than 100 Colorado dispensaries with top shelf flower. We sat down with Chad to talk about… Continue reading Q&A with a Cannabis Grower

Artsy: Promoting Art to the World

Back Artsy: Promoting Art to the World Artsy is a Denver-based cannabis company pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a socially conscious company. Led by industry pioneers and a dedicated team, Artsy invests in and supports the art community in all its operating locations. Artsy’s mission is to incubate a global community… Continue reading Artsy: Promoting Art to the World