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New Additions to the Pax Lineup


From newbies to enthusiasts, most folks in the cannabis scene know PAX from its line of dry herb vaporizers. But recently, PAX has become a true cannabis brand with the release of its own cannabis oil extract pods for the PAX Era device.


New High Purity THC pods offer potency & flavor at a low price point. The High Purity THC flavor is 80%+ THC & enhanced with a terpene blend for unique flavors & aroma profiles.


You can try PAX High Purity THC in 6 fruit-forward cultivars:

Indica – London Pound Cake & GMO Cookies

Sativa – Limoncello Haze & Strawberry Créme

Hybrid – Berry Gelato & Forbidden Fruit


The release of High Purity THC pods comes just on the heels of the release of a revamped PAX Era device. The new PAX Era is more colorful & more powerful. In addition, it’s been re-engineered to produce more vapor & delivers up to 50% bigger hits. Another new essential feature is an intuitive anti-clog feature that works automatically to clear and prevent clogs.


Learn more about the PAX Era and available cannabis oil extract pods at Or stop by any Star Buds location.

-WARNING: Overconsumption of Marijuana Concentrate may lead to Psychotic symptoms and/or Psychotic disorder, Mental Health Symptoms/Problems, Cannabis Hyperemesis (CHS), and Cannabis use disorder/dependence, including physical and psychological dependence.


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