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Marijuana Accessories

Attitude adjustments not sold separately

Get everything you need to enjoy our cannabis products all in one place. Whether you’re smoking, vaping, eating, or dabbing, we’ve got the gear for you.
Not Your Average Smoke Shop
We know some dispensaries leave you hanging when it comes to the accessories you need to fire up a bowl or vape a new cart. At Star Buds Colorado, we’ve got you. While we’re not your typical head shop, we do keep a great selection of bongs, pipes, rigs, bubblers, lighters, vape systems and more in stock so you won’t have to make an extra stop when you’re ready to kick back and relax. Shop online and add what you need to your cart for convenient delivery or pickup.
Get Expert Advice From Our Budtenders
Interested in trying a new cannabis product but not sure where to begin? Our friendly budtenders are here to help you get started. We know it can be intimidating to try new things and we want you to feel totally at ease. How does dabbing work? What do I need to do it? Is it safe? We’re here to guide you through all your questions and get you set up with the best products and accessories for beginners no matter what cannabis products you want to try next.

Las Animas

420 Bent Ave Las Animas, CO 81054